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Greg Czech 4 Week Horsemanship Series

April 25, May 1st, May 8th, and May 15 near Millet. 

 7:00 pm -9:00 pm. Part of our spring tune-up lesson series, Millet Area. Cost: $150.  Registration deadline is March 15.  

For more information about this clinic contact Sharon B by phone (780) 472-6212 or email

About the clinician: Greg Czech has been training horses and their people for 20 years. His unique insight into equine behavior, premised on trust, discipline and respect can provide you with a new set of tools to enhance your total equine experience. Develop the relationship with your horse that you have always wanted, find answers to those nagging little behavior problems.

Greg Czech will be the catalyst that will spark your journey to the equine experience that you have always wanted.

Starting out as hobby, Greg began training his own horses for ranch work and pleasure. People began to see the solid minds and level of responsiveness of his horses and soon the one-time hobby became a life passion. He soon realized that a good horse becomes great when their owners and handlers can communicate effectively with them, so that the unit works as one.

Greg’s ability to teach and to assist you in finding ways to produce positive results will have a lasting effect on your horse world.  He has been training a variety of horses, from Tennessee Walkers to Warmbloods & Quarter Horses & everything in between.

Greg and his wife Terry work as a team and have successfully shown Walking Horses over the last 17 years, with numerous championships and titles on the mantle. His real joy however comes from helping others reach their equine goals. Make your horse dreams come true, allow yourself the luxury to become the horseperson you have always wanted to be.