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Mane Event Expo

Mane Event Expo 2019 April 26-28 in Red Deer. Website:

The Board is offering to pay 4 ATRA members with clinic credits or cash to set up and attend the booth. We need someone to pick up from the ATRA trailer, set up the display items on Thursday (must be set up by a specified time in the evening, usually 8 pm, set up takes about 2 hours) for $150. We need members to attend the booth, answer questions and promote ATRA and recreational riding from opening until closing. (time is set by the organizers) for $200 each/day. We need someone to attend and take down the booth and return the items to our storage trailer on Sunday for $200. Day passes are included.

Transportation, hotel and food is your responsibility. The Board will make the final decision at the March or April board meeting on who 'mans' the booth. We want members who can be engaging and have ridden in a variety of areas & endorse our safety/stewardship/ mission statement and, can ‘schmooze’ knowledgeably/comfortably with public.

If interested, contact Maggie by March 31 (780-464-0986) or email.
For more information contact Shirley by email or (780-662-4747).