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Panther Wilderness Trail Development Ride

Sept 7-14 Panther Wilderness Trail Development Ride.

Location: The Staging Area for the trip is the Panther Public Land Recreation Area 80km SW of Sundre on Coal Camp Road and West of the Mountainaire Lodge.  The group is planning to go 10 miles into Panther Corners with wagons and on horseback, setup a base camp then complete the balance of the re-establishment of the Dormer Ridge Trail, do an Assessment of what should be done to the Dormer River Trail from the Panther River to the Banff Park Boundary, possibly complete the clearing of that trail, clear deadfall/overgrowth from trails in and around Panther Corners, and do some riding/exploring.  

The trail clearing criteria will be used to choose crew from sign up list based on required skills.  Casino funds cannot be used for food so there will be a cost for groceries.  Volunteers may be partially reimbursed for fuel costs if they submit receipts to Shirley by the Sept meeting.

If you are interested: contact Doug King (780) 916-7474 or email.