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Day Trail Ride- Blackfoot Waskahegan

Ride out at 11 am, please don’t be late.

Access staging area from RR 210 north of Wye Road or south of Hwy 16. Bring a lunch as we will stop half way out on the trail. Please note this is a walking ride with no dogs allowed and no one is in charge of guiding. This is just a way for members to meet up with one another to trail ride.

This is a walking trail ride. No dogs, drinking, smoking on the trail. Cancelled if colder than –10.

To make sure everyone stays safe on the trails, ATRA has the following policy.

On single day rides or weekend rides in a large group, there will be no dogs permitted.  On longer trips, such as mountain rides, dogs may be permitted on the trail if all riders in your smaller group are in agreement.

Some riding areas require dogs to be on a leash. Please ensure that you’re aware of and obey all regulations regarding dogs in a particular area.

Please keep in mind the following if you’re planning on joining us for a ride.

  • For insurance purposes, each active trail riding member is required to hold a current Alberta Equestrian Federation membership.

  • During winter rides, temperature cutoff is -10 degrees Celsius.

  • All riders ride at your own risk. We encourage helmet use.

  • Please be responsible and show by example. Clean up and properly dispose of manure and educate others to do so.

  • Please support the Alberta Equestrian Trail Supporter Program. They in turn support our trails.